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International Easter Forum 2024

for young people between 16 and 35 years

28/03 – 01/04/2024, Altötting

"At the Easter Forum, I was able to experience a great joy through the celebration of the Resurrection, for which I am very grateful. This joy has become my source of hope in everyday life."

Tomáš from Czech Republic

Gemeinschaft beim Osterforum



Gemeinschaft beim Osterforum



Gemeinschaft beim Osterforum



Maundy Thursday


Arrival from 3:00 pm
Programme start at 4:30 pm
Introduction to the liturgy
Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Procession and Holy Hour

Good Friday


Programme start at 9 am
Possibility to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Stations of the Cross
Silent time
Introduction to the liturgy
Liturgy of the Passion
Evening programme

Holy Saturday


Programme start at 9 am
Time for God and you
Exi-Meeting students Rejoice and ESM
Easter Vigil
Easter Night Party

Easter Sunday


Programme start at 12 pm
Easter brunch (10:30 am)
Sports & games (12 am)
Easter praise
Easter Sunday Mass
Free time
Rejoice Evening

Easter Monday


Programme start at 9:30 am
Easter praise
Holy Mass
End about 1 pm

Please note our terms and conditions.

Organizational Information


We recommend the following complete packages – 148 € for students and 178 € for professionals. It includes the participation fee, accommodation in the gym and meals for all 5 Easter days!

But you can also put together your own individual package, by choosing participation days, meals and accommodation individualy!


In the gyms there is almost a bit of World Youth Day flair during the Easter Forum. You can reach the gyms in 15-25 minutes on foot.

There is also a youth hostel for young people aged 18 to 27.

If you are looking for a simple guesthouse or apartment, then feel free to inform yourself at the local tourist office.


The Easter Forum takes place in the “Dreifachturnhalle” (Burghauser Straße 69, 84503 Altötting) and around the Kapellplatz Altötting.

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Where can I sleep?
The cheapest option is to sleep at the gym. It’s simple, but has a special flair.
You can also book a youth hostel, one of the hotels, pensions or vacation rents in Altötting. At the website of the tourism office you find an overview (see above under “organizational information”).
There are also a few hosts in Altötting who take guests. We can’t guarantee a place for everyone though and would like to offer it to those who have can’t afford another place or sleep at the gym e.g. for health reasons. Contact us, if you’re interested.
Where can I register for the Easter Forum?
Please register via the button “To register” and the registration tool there.
Some countries organize a bus trip to Altötting. In this case you can also register through the local responsibles.
It’s also possible to register in Altötting, but it’s better to register early on this website.
Is there an age limit?

Yes, you need to be at least 16 years old. If your’re 16 or 17 you need to be with an adult guardian and we need the document for underage participants sigend by your parents before the participation starts.

All ages are welcome to attend the services in the churches. Registration for the services is not necessary.
Can I help you with anything?
If you’re interested in helping with a service, just contact us by email. There will also be occasions to spontaneously help with services in Altötting by raising your hand.
If you’d like to help to set up and clean up, you can chose the option to volunteer at the online registration or apply directly for the volunteer program by mail to altoetting@emmanuel-osterforum.de.
We’re also very greatful for your prayers for the event and all participants.
My financial situation is difficult. Is there an option for discounts?
We’d like to welcome everyone, regardless of the financial situation. Contact us, if there is a problem with the prize and we’ll find a solution (altoetting@emmanuel-osterforum.de).
For participants from other countries, who travel far, there are also some special offers – some countries organize groups journeys. It’s cheaper and together certainly more fun.
Another option is to volunteer for the set up and clean up. Volunteers pay a lower participant fee.
Are there any rules about Covid?
At the moment the government has no more special Covid rules for events. If there are any sudden changes, we will keep you updated on this page and through announcements in Altötting.
In any case, you should cancel your participation before the start of the event if you suffer from corona or other symptoms of illness.

Help in Volunteering – Be part of it!


We are happy about everyone who is willing to help us with the preparations! Feel free to contact us via e-mail.


Do you have any questions?
Then feel free to write to us!

Gemeinschaft Emmanuel e.V.
Kolbergstr. 4
84503 Altötting

Tel: 08671 50037-31

Privacy policy

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By supporting us financially, you enable many young people from different countries to experience Easter in a very special way. We are happy about the million as well as a very small contribution. Click here for our bank details. Thank you very much!

Who are we

We are a bunch of young people of the Emmanuel Community
who believe that Jesus has a special calling for each of us.
He accompanies us in our lives and helps us to develop our personality.
Together with Rejoice and the volunteers, we organize the Easter Forum in Altötting, which is intended to be an event where you can truly experience the joy of faith.

Come on by and see for yourself!